CV VC invests up to $125K in great startups and offers a 10-week incubation program in the heart of the Crypto Valley, Switzerland. Startups learn from the most successful entrepreneurs, visionaries, experts, and mentors in the blockchain space and beyond.


We are always on the lookout for ground-breaking blockchain projects to disrupt legacy systems. We want founders looking to turn business-as-usual into the never-before-seen. We want entrepreneurs who eat, sleep and breathe their startup. We seek the ambitious, the revolutionary, and the avant-garde. We want the unicorns of innovation. Blockchain is our passion, show us yours.


We are committed to changing the world, and we think blockchain technology will play a massive part in that change. That is why we are bringing the sharpest minds and the brightest ideas together under one roof: CV Labs.


No matter what stage you are at, whether a first-time founder or a fast-growing startup, we have plenty to offer to help you thrive. Spaces in our incubator are limited, so apply today!


CV Labs Incubation Program Batch_03 starts on September 27th, 2021!

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.



By pairing you with Crypto Valley’s greatest minds. You will learn, iterate, fail, pivot, pitch, and debate in a constructive environment of international, early-stage startups, all hungry to change the world for the better. From our rich experience in the startup space, we understand how challenging it is to secure the next investment round and keep your dream alive. That’s why we’ve designed our program around three principles.


Pitching - Perfect your pitch deck and learn how to convince investors to join you in changing the world.  

Product - Rapidly turn your solution into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) by the end of 10 weeks.  

Strategy - Graduate with a foolproof business plan and white paper in hand. 


You will leave the program armed to the teeth with an outstanding pitch, an operational product, and a sound business strategy. To make it more exciting, we will match you with an entrepreneurial mentor to help you get the most out of the program. Find the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here.

Our Startups

So far, we have hosted two incubation batches, in which a total of 22 startups from 12 different countries participated.



Download our application guide


Increase your chances to enroll in the CV Labs incubation program by downloading our incubation guide. This guide provides instructions on where and how to apply and explains the individual application questions (so that you know why we ask them and what we want to learn about you by asking them). Applications for our incubation Batch_03 are open on a rolling basis. 


CV Labs Incubation Program Batch_03 starts on September 27th, 2021.


Get your guide and apply today.